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  • Three Tiered Turquoise

    Three Tiered Turquoise

    Turquoise drops in 14k gold with crystal quartz and baby swiss topaz.


  • Vintage Button Necklace

    Vintage Button Necklace

    Sterling silver chain with crystal quartz and vintage button.


  • The Liz

    The Liz

    16 inch pearl vermeil chain with marcasite cluster drop with crystal quartz.


  • Party On A Chain Necklace

    Party On A Chain Necklace

    Oxidized silver twisted with aquamarine, vermeil and cubic zirconia the drop is a Geode and Laborite.


  • Lariat With Turquoise

    Lariat With Turquoise

    Brass Chain Lariat, with carnelian, ruby, moonstone and turquoise.


  • Stonehedge Lariat

    Stonehedge Lariat

    Hand wired crystaphase stones hanging from each strand is a red ruby and ruby fuchsite. This can be worn two ways.


  • Fluorite Tears Necklace

    Fluorite Tears Necklace

    Chalsyd stone chain with fluorite stones.


  • Blue Quartz Dream Necklace

    Blue Quartz Dream Necklace

    Gold Brass chain with charms of crystal quartz, pearl and blue quartz.


  • Leather Stone Lariat

    Leather Stone Lariat

    A beautiful lariat with citrine, moonstone and labradorite.


  • One And Only Geode Necklace

    One And Only Geode Necklace

    Labradorite chain with a sparkling Geode and moonstone.


  • Happy Drops Necklace

    Happy Drops Necklace

    14K gold filled chain with Drops of baby Swiss topaz, turquoise, blue labradorite and pink crystal quartz.


  • Tree of Life Lariat

    Tree of Life Lariat

    Sterling silver tree of life with. A labradorite  chain, with kyanite drop.


  • Hamza In The Pink Necklace

    Hamza In The Pink Necklace

    Labradorite chain  with a clustered crystal charm and pink Safire.


  • Tree Branch Necklace

    Tree Branch Necklace

    Hanging from this necklace is a beautiful crystal phase drop,  a Swarovski crystal charm, and a strand of carnelian stones.


  • Loose Leaf Lariat

    Loose Leaf Lariat

    Stunning black garnet chain with a dipped 14k gold aspen leaf and a fluorite drop.


  • Twisted Leather Necklace

    Twisted Leather Necklace

    This has a strand of pearls with labradorite, crystal quartz, and pink opal.   It has a rare crystal quartz carved flower clasp. Wear it fully extended or doubled up.  A real eye stopper.


  • Charm Symbol Necklace

    Charm Symbol Necklace

    This beautiful one of a kind piece was hand crafted. The chain has 14K gold overlay,and has various charms including: a tree of life, a geode, a four leaf cover (real) dipped in 14K gold, and an agate clover with pearl and moonstone.


  • Waterfall Lariat

    Waterfall Lariat

    Four unique chains hanging with a pink Safire, akoya pearl, aquamarine and citrine.